Sarah Livingstone

Sarah Livingstone is a seasoned professional with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University, specializing in management and leadership. She holds a Human Services Managment – Graduate Level certification. Sarah values studying to better understand the workplace dynamic. She believes in research because it allows her to stay abreast of best practices.

What sets Sarah apart is her personal journey with mental health. This experience underscores the significance of prioritizing one’s mental well-being. It grants her a distinctive outlook on mental health care and its impact on individuals and organizations. Importantly, Sarah’s work ethic is undeniable. She believes in hard-work, confidence, and she has the humility to engage in self-development.

Choosing ARE U Motivated means partnering with a self-aware professional who not only possesses expertise in mental health but also draws from personal experiences in managing it. Sarah’s insights will assist you in fostering a culture of mental health awareness and support within your organization, enabling employees to prioritize their well-being and reach their full potential.

“Why ask employees to be excellent when they are not given a chance to address what could be holding them back.. their mental health.”

ARE U Motivated brings a unique and refreshing approach to mental health education. So, if you’re looking for a mental health education experience that is both informative and enjoyable, let us brighten up your day!

Our Team

Laura Frazier
Grant Writing & Research

I am a licensed social worker by day, coach, taxi driver, personal assistant, encourager, and mom to two boys by night.  I have a Bachelors in Social Work, and a Masters in Human and Social Services, have been practicing social work in Ohio and West Virginia for 16 years.  I have worked in multiple different practices/types of social work, but my favorite was being a case manager for the Ryan White Grant.

My best and most rewarding achievement ever is being able to have the knowledge and skill set to advocate for the needs of my children as well as other clients who face similar challenges.  A fun fact about me is I love to read and could spend a whole day in a library or bookstore and lose track of time easily.

Lucas Lu
Research & IT

Lucas Lu is a driven and dedicated intern who prioritizes mental health preventative care, community outreach, and data science. As a Carolina Research Scholar and Buckley Public Service Scholar at the University of North Carolina, he has acquired valuable research knowledge in data science and developed a strong commitment to service. With a profound belief in the power of data to improve patient outcomes, Lucas is determined to contribute to transformative healthcare practices. Beyond his professional pursuits, he actively volunteers in hospice care and maintains an active lifestyle through weightlifting and cycling. With an unwavering drive, Lucas aspires to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the field of data-driven healthcare solutions. Lucas is pre-med and is currently applying to medical schools. With a firm belief in the potential of data science to enhance healthcare outcomes, Lucas is determined to make a positive impact at Are U Motivated.