In this series of article reviews, we will dissect the latest research papers important to mental health education and advocacy.

August 27, 2023 – 7 min read

Today, we will be reviewing the paper Being present and enjoying it: Dispositional mindfulness and savoring the moment are distinct, interactive predictors of positive emotions and psychological health by Laura G. KikenKristjen B. Lundberg, and Barbara L. Fredrickson.

Introduction to Article

The search for genuine happiness and contentment can seem like a losing battle in a world that frequently pulls us in a hundred different directions. Mindfulness, however, is a transformative practice that has the potential to alter how we perceive life. The ground-breaking study “Being Present and Enjoying It: Dispositional Mindfulness and Savoring the Moment Are Distinct, Interactive Predictors of Positive Emotions and Psychological Health” not only highlights the profound advantages of mindfulness but also reveals the fascinating interaction between dispositional mindfulness and savoring the moment and their influence on our emotional well-being and psychological health.

This research explores the essence of what it means to be fully present in our lives and was published in the prestigious journal Mindfulness. In order to understand how dispositional mindfulness and appreciating the present moment affect our feelings of well-being and overall psychological health, the researchers set out on a journey. 

Mindfulness and Presence

The skill of mindfulness, which is frequently lauded as a panacea for the hectic modern lifestyle, goes beyond meditation and relaxation. The tendency to be fully present in the moment, known as dispositional mindfulness, has been found to be a powerful predictor of happiness and psychological well-being. According to the study, people who have higher dispositional mindfulness levels are more likely to have more pleasant emotions and psychological well-being.

A startling finding from the study was that people who scored higher on the dispositional mindfulness scale also reported higher levels of psychological well-being (r = 0.34, p 0.001) and positive emotions (r = 0.46, p 0.001). This emphasizes how mindfulness has the power to drastically improve your life and make it happier and more satisfying.

The study’s findings remind us of the value of being completely present and experiencing the richness of life’s experiences in a world that often glorifies productivity and perpetual striving. We now have the tools to build a more meaningful and enjoyable existence, knowing that dispositional mindfulness and savoring operate in tandem to improve our emotional well-being.

Living in the Moment

Let’s talk about the idea of savoring the moment, an intentional strategy for enhancing and extending the good feelings we feel. Savoring entails purposefully taking in the joy of the present, whether it’s enjoying the flavor of a delectable meal or basking in the glory of a personal victory. It comes as no surprise that the study’s findings showed that people who were more likely to appreciate events also expressed higher levels of happy feelings and psychological well-being.

One striking discovery was that people with higher savoring inclinations had higher positive feelings (r = 0.51, p 0.001) and psychological well-being (r = 0.40, p 0.001). This statistic emphasizes the importance of savoring as a tool for improving our emotional landscape and general mental health.\

The study discovered that dispositional mindfulness and savoring positively interacted with one another, generating a feedback loop that increases their individual advantages. The outcomes of the study shed light on this link, revealing that dispositional mindfulness and savoring had a positive interaction effect on happy emotions ( = 0.33, p 0.001) and psychological well-being ( = 0.24, p 0.001). This means that as we cultivate our awareness, we also improve our ability to appreciate, resulting in a chain reaction of happy feelings and psychological health.

ARE U Takeaways

  • This research is a gentle reminder of the beauty of living in the present.
  • Embracing mindfulness and savoring enables us to strike a balance between striving for excellence and cherishing the richness of the present moment.
  • Shift our focus from the relentless pursuit of external success to the cultivation of internal contentment.
  • By nurturing both dispositional mindfulness and the practice of savoring, we take control of our emotional well-being and mental health.


Kiken LG, Lundberg KB, Fredrickson BL. Being present and enjoying it: Dispositional mindfulness and savoring the moment are distinct, interactive predictors of positive emotions and psychological health. Mindfulness (N Y). 2017 Oct;8(5):1280-1290. doi: 10.1007/s12671-017-0704-3. Epub 2017 Mar 29. PMID: 29312472; PMCID: PMC5755604.